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NEWS! 16th may, 17 (Sousenkyou posters & more)

Sousenkyou poster has been revealed During a SHOWROOM, individual posters for the Sousenkyou has been revealed. We can’t post ALL of them, so please check the video to find the ones from your favorites. Note that HQ pictures of posters […]

NEWS! 12th may, 17 (“Thumbnail” stage first performance & more)

 First performance of “Thumbnail” stage “Thumbnail” is AKB48’s latest album and the new stage was based on its setlist. Today was the first performance. Member list : Iriyama Anna – Sasaki Yukari – Yokoyama Yui – Minegishi Minami – Mukaichi Mion – Muto Tomu – Mogi Shinobu – Kashiwagi Yuki – Kato Rena – Iwatate Saho – Okada Nana – Kawamoto […]

NEWS! 4th may, 17 (Sousenkyou Guide Book, BNK48 & more)

Sousenkyou guide book COVER Two weeks from now, the sousenkyou guide book will be released (17th may). Day by day, the official guide book twitter account reveals the members that will be featured on the cover. Today, Yabuki Nako (HKT48 Team […]