NEWS! 7th may, 17 (Muranaka Yuki graduation announcement, new Twitter account & more)

NMB48 graduation announcement

Muranaka Yuki from NMB48, Team BII, announced her graduation today at Renai Kinshi Jourei stage.

She wants to go to university. It has been 2 years exactly that she debuted in NMB48. Yukichan is a 2nd draftee.


NEW Twitter account

Okada Ayaka (AKB48, Team 4) opened her twitter account. Murayama Yuiri from the same Team annouced it on  Twitter.

Follower her at


Sousenkyou Guide Book cover (updated)

Oya Shizuka, Ichikawa Miori and Matsui Jurina have been added. 5 spots left until the center position.


Today’s birtday are…

Harada Aoi ! She’s now 17 years old.

keyakizaka46 harada aoi

Aachan was born on 7th may 2000 in Tokyo.
She’s a Keyakizaka46 member, from the 1st generation. (Kanji Keyakizaka46 – august 2015).
You can follow her on personal blog

Arai Yuki ! She’s now 19 years old

Yuki was born on 7th may 1998 in Tokyo.
She’s a member from the 1st draft which took place in 2013 and she was choosen by SKE48, Team KII. She has been promoted in february 2014.
You can follow her on 755 – Blog SKE48 – Google+ Instagram

Ishimori Nijika ! She’s now 20 years old.

Nijika was born on 7th may 1997 in Miyagi.
She’s a Keyakizaka46 member, a first generation. (Kanji Keyakizaka46 – august 2015).
She’s also part of an underground idol group based in Miyagi.
You can follow her on her Blog Keyakizaka46