NEWS! 5th may, 17 (Team 8 graduation, Oda Erina, Dareka no tame ni & more)

 Team 8 member announced her graduation

Tani Yuri, 17yo, from Hiroshima, announced her graduation today at the AKB48 theater. She first entered Team 8 in april 2014.
She talked about the reason of her graduation, she wants to be a school teacher and want to pursue her studies to reach this goal. Go for it Yuurii !

The post about her graduation from the Team 8 official website.

Visit to a disaster area

Yesterday, members of AKB48 went in the Tohoku, where the great disaster took place in 2011.
This the 64th visit as part of the “Dareka no tame ni” project.
Members were Fukuoka Seina, Oguri Yui, Goto Moe, Kitahara Rie, Oya Shizuka and Kubo Satone.

AKB48 and BNK48 in Bangkok (updated)

We talked about it yesterday, AKB48 and BNK48 will go to the VIRAL FEST ASIA in Bangkok.
Now, we know the list of the AKB48 members who will be participating.

Yoshikawa Nanase – Sato Akari – Mougi Kasumi – Takahashi Ayane – Shimizu Maria – Gyouten Yurina


Mogi Shinobu lost one of her family member

Shinobu talked on twitter the reason why she suddenly left while she was in a handshake event the other day. Sadly it’s a tragic news, because her dad passed away.

Her post on twitter

Oda Erina is a police officer for the day

Oda Erina, who represents the Kanagawa prefecture in Team 8, became a police officer for one day in Yokohama.


 Source Blog AKBG Matome48

Today’s birthday are…

*Ishikawa Saki ! She’s now 16 years old.

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Sakirin was born on 5th may 2001 in Aichi.
She’s still a kenkyuusei in SKE48, from the 8th generation.

*Yoda Yuki ! She’s now 17 years old.

Yodachan was born the 5th may 2000 in Fukuoka.
She’s from the 3rd generation in Nogizaka46.