NEWS! 23th may, 2017 (AKB48 in Kobe, BNK48 first live & more)

AKB48 in Kobe

AKB48 participated at Kobe’s 150th music festival on 20th may.

BNK48 first live

BNK48 will hold their first live at “Quartier Gallery The EmQuartier M Floor” in Bangkok on 2th june.

Latest Harry’s Class with Saitou Asuka

Sayonara Enari-kun drama (with Watanabe Mayu) latest trailer

Murashige Anna ran 49km

Murashige Anna from HKT48 ran 49km, which was streamed via her showroom with the help of her manager. She wanted to prove that she’s serious about wanting the 49th rank in the upcoming sousenkyou. She made it in 12 hours.
Akiyoshi Yuka, who is also from HKT48, went to run with her for the last kilometers (as seen in the end of the second video).