NEWS! 10th may, 17 (Promotional videos & more)

Miyazawa Sae’s NEW book 

For Miyazawa Sae’s (ex-AKB48) new book called “kore sae areba”, she held press conference which you can see below.


AKB’s Stage Fighter NEW promotion video


 Shimazaki Haruka is promoting “Dream Jumbo Lottery”


 F-Chan TV latest episode n°49 (Kojima Mako, Iwatate Saho)


 Shida Manaka for Fineboys

Keyakizaka46 members for Kanbyo Joshi


Shiroma Miru and Ota Yuuri preview pics for BUBKA

Today’s birthday are…

Mukaida Manatsu ! She’s now 21 years old.

Manatsu was born on 10th may in Aichi.
She’s was a SKE48 member from the second generation.
She was choosen in senbatsu fro 11 SKE48 single !
She ended 35th at the 4th Sousenkyou.

Iwanaga Tsugumi ! She’s now 23 years old.

Tsuu was born on 10th may 1994 in Gifu.
She was a SKE48 member, from the 5th generation.
She released her first solo song “Ima Shikana ~now or never~” in 2016.
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Katayama Haruka ! She’s now 27 years old.

Haachan was born on 10th may in Aichi.
She was an AKB48 member, from the 3rd generation. She graduated from the group in september 2014.
She ranked 34th at the 5th sousenkyou.
Ses classements aux Sousenkyo:
She’s now working with Irving agency.

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