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NEWS! 21 may, 17

Talk show and mini live for AKB48 AKB48 members will head to Naha in Okinawa on 28th may (2pm – 3pm), to promote this year Sousenkyou. They will hold a mini live and mini talk show. Member list : Yokoyama […]

NEWS! 20th may, 17 (Sousenkyou individual video & more)

Sousenkyou 2017 : Invidual videos AKB48 members SKE48 members NMB48 members HKT48 members NGT48 members STU48 members STU48 – Setouchi no koe MV STU48 first song “Setouchi no Koe” MV has been revealed during a SHOWROOM. Starting from 21:39. STU48 […]

NEWS! 19th may, 17 (Sousenkyou live broadcast info & more)

Sousenkyo live broadcast info General election will be broadcasted by BS Sky and Fuji TV. BS SKY : 12:30am – 7pm (Concert + part of Sousenkyo) Fuji TV: 7pm – 9:30pm (Sousenkyo last part) Daily AKB48 Mondo Grosso featuring Saitou Asuka Saitou Asuka collaborated with […]

NEWS! 17th may, 17 (NMB48 Twitter, seitansai & more)

NMB48 on Twitter It was about time. NMB48 has now an official Twitter account : @nmb48_official .  Universal Studios Japan’s concert lineup Members who will be at USJ concert on 3th june has been revealed. Yokoyama Yui – Mukaichi Mion – Kubo Satone – Kashiwagi Yuki – Kato Rena – Watanabe Mayu – Kojima Mako […]